Sarah and Gilbert’s Disney Wedding

On a crisp fall day in September, we counted down the hours for Sarah and Gilbert’s wedding to begin. It feels like second nature now, but let me just say that the logistics of these weddings are a fun and complicated thing. Our team spent weeks preparing and going over their wedding. We worked alongside […]

On a crisp fall day in September, we counted down the hours for Sarah and Gilbert’s wedding to begin. It feels like second nature now, but let me just say that the logistics of these weddings are a fun and complicated thing. Our team spent weeks preparing and going over their wedding. We worked alongside Keli, their wonderful planner, on everything from the logistics of getting our equipment from place to place, transporting her dress, planning out their photo moments with Sarah and Gilbert, and taking our things through security. All of our work eventually left us with a detailed spreadsheet that explained where all of our 5 team members would be at each moment, and we were never in the same place at the same time. My talented assistant Andrew came with the timeline printed, laminated, and attached to the back of his phone, and we all felt prepared. The calm before their wedding was a mix of excitement and nervousness. I stood in my house the hour before, staring at my equipment that had all just been cleaned and charged, going over everything to make sure we had what we needed for their wedding day. Fast forward to 2am, and we had just waved goodbye to Sarah and Gilbert as they disappeared into the night on the Main Street firetruck. The day had gone by in an instant and was beautiful from beginning to end. Our team was left in a happy photography stupor, worn out and smiling over their amazing day.

Sarah and her wedding planner, Keli:

Sarah and Gilbert met at their Alma Mater, UC Berkeley, in the Fall of 2005 when Sarah was a Freshman and Gilbert was a Senior. They met at one of several Filipino Club tables at Upper Sproul Plaza, a main thoroughfare in the middle of campus, and have been friends ever since.

Sarah knew that Gilbert was the man she was destined to marry. She shared that his constant positivity fuels her each day, and she loves how his personality complements her in every way. She said she’d never knew someone could love her, with all her weird quirks and her crazy personality. Gilbert’s steadfast love keeps her grounded, and his support makes her feel like she can accomplish anything she wants in this world!

Gilbert loves Sarah’s strong faith, expressiveness, kindness, and her gift for seeing the best in people and helping them reach their true potential. He loves that she is always up for an adventure and loves a lot of the same nerdy things that he does. Sarah loves how they share a common love for all things nerdy – which is almost a given since they both studied engineering at Cal! From Star Wars and Action Sci-fi, to Disney and Romantic Comedies, Gilbert and Sarah quickly realized they had more in common than at first glance.

Sarah had a sweet first look with her father:



As a married couple, they’re looking forward to living together, growing together as a couple, learning from each other, and exploring the world. Here they are during their blind first look, they took a moment to touch hands and pray together before their wedding vows.

Their first date was in Berkeley, May 2009 where they had brunch at Rick & Ann’s, ventured to Bay Street in Emeryville, watched Up, and then had pizza at Pizza My Heart and sweets at Teacake Bake Shop. Gilbert didn’t realize that Up would make them both cry 5 minutes into the movie. Aside from going to Disneyland, they love watching movies or tv shows while cuddled up on the couch, watching sports (Warriors, 49ers, Giants), exploring new cities, trying new cuisines, cooking, going to the gym, learning new skills, and crafting/being creative together.

Gilbert proposed at UC Berkeley at the site where he first gave Sarah flowers right before we started dating. It was the spot where he first thought “Hmm, I could see myself with this girl.” and with the same reasoning, it felt like the perfect place to start the next chapter in our lives.

When planning their wedding, they wanted it to be fun, whimsical, and full of Disney magic! A gesture of immense gratitude to the family and friends that have helped us through our journey in life. During the wedding planning process, Gilbert learned that Sarah is immensely organized and prepared for everything. She’s became an expert-level crafter over their wedding planning year. Sarah learned that Gilbert is notorious for procrastinating. He has a knack for digital design and is passionate about getting things done with a keen eye for detail.

Their perfect day together would be waking up and going for a quick run around the neighborhood, grabbing a light breakfast and coffee at a cafe, heading into the city to explore new areas and get lost, take photos, catch a movie or a performance, have a nice dinner, go dancing, go home and turn in for the night.

Sarah and Gilbert’s first dance was designed to look as though they were dancing on a cloud.

And they wanted to bring the outside in, by having hedge walls surround them in their reception room.

A few special guests:

After their wedding reception, they served their guests churros and corn dogs with a Mickey twist, and we ventured out to Paradise Pier to watch The World of Color.    

After the World of Color, we traveled over to Midway Mania, where the guests were able to ride the attraction.

We had a few quick photo moments, before they made their grand exit in the Firetruck. 

I have to admit, it was bittersweet when their wedding ended. We had such a great time planning the photography for their special day. The cool thing though, was that their wedding quickly went viral with features everywhere from Disney Weddings, ABC, Brides,  The Daily Mail, Travel and Leisure Magazine, and The Nerdist. We knew that all of our planning had paid off, and it was wonderful to be able to relive the excitement of their wedding day again and again.

Thank you so much for having us, Sarah and Gilbert. I’ll never forget your beautiful day, and look forward to our next adventure together! <3

Vendor Love:

Venue: Disney Weddings

Planner: Keli of Disney Weddings

Photography: Jenna of White Rabbit Photo Boutique

Cake/Food and Beverage: Disney Pastry and Disney Food and Beverage

Hair and Makeup: Design Visage

DJ: Sound Wave Pros

Video: Forestry Films

Dress: Ysa Makino

Getting Ready Room Girls: Fairytale Suite of the Disneyland Hotel

Getting Ready Room Boys: Frontier Suite of the Disneyland Hotel

Ceremony: Rose Court Garden

Reception: Trillium Room of the Grand Californian Hotel


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