Megan and Jordan: Disneyland Hotel Rose Court Garden Wedding

On a cool, crisp day in February, I photographed Megan and Jordan’s beautiful wedding day. Can I just say, that they were such a lovely group of people!? From the second I walked into her hotel room, I could just feel the support from Megan and Jordan’s friends and family. Megan’s father gave a touching […]

Disneyland Wedding
On a cool, crisp day in February, I photographed Megan and Jordan’s beautiful wedding day. Can I just say, that they were such a lovely group of people!? From the second I walked into her hotel room, I could just feel the support from Megan and Jordan’s friends and family. Megan’s father gave a touching speech during the reception about friendship, and you could see how much they valued the relationships they’d developed with the people around them.
When I walked in, I loved seeing how Megan’s bridesmaids had carefully decorated her room. Everyone was laughing and chatting and excited for the day. They had the cutest hashtag that was a throwback to the song, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, and one of my favorite memories of the day was when we were riding along in the golf cart with their coordinator Hanna, singing their song on the way to the reception. 🙂
How They Met: 
Jordan and Megan met in kindergarten class. They grew up in the same town, and went through school together. While they weren’t friends in high school, they reconnected on facebook about a year after graduation and just hit it off. They’ve known each other for 20 years now!
One of my favorite moments from the wedding, was when I photographed the father/daughter first look with Megan and her Dad. You could see their special relationship, and it was a beautiful moment to capture.
Before the ceremony in the Rose Court Garden, we took photos with Cinderella’s Crystal Coach.
Megan and her Mom ~
Their ceremony had soft tones of deep purple, reds, white, and pink, and took place in the Rose Court Garden at the Disneyland Hotel.
The sweetest Proposal: 
Megan works nights, and had just one Friday night off work before working all weekend. Jordan told her in the morning that he was going to hang out with some friends, and that Megan should get out of the house and see her friends, too. Little did she know he had already recruited them to take her out. So, that night, while Megan’s friends held her hostage at the mall, Jordan decorated the whole house. He bought over 100 colorful balloons, and tied them to the stairwell, strung lights in the hallway leading to their room, hung his favorite pictures of them, made an “adventure book,” and a board collage of pictures of their adventures. When her friends finally brought her home, they left and let Megan walk in, knowing what was about to happen. Jordan handed Megan a grape soda, and the song “Married Life” from the movie Up started playing. He led her upstairs, through all the balloons and pictures, and let her sift through the Adventure Book before he got down on one knee and popped the question! Up is one of their favorite movies, and Megan loved that he did that for just the two of them in their home. It was perfect.
Megan loves how no matter what, Jordan can always make her laugh, even if she’s in a bad mood. In her words, “He takes care of me, he loves his family and mine, and is the funniest person I know. I love that he has helped me come out of my shell, and that he can put up with my crazy sleep schedule from working 7 pm to 7 am three nights a week (and all that sleep deprivation entails).”
Jordan loves how hardworking and motivated Megan is, that she love him unconditionally, and how he can usually solve her biggest problems by giving her a cupcake, or anything sweet. In his words, “I love how her dimples can tell me exactly how she is feeling, and how a cup of coffee is her best friend.”
Their first date was at a restaurant/pub called Cornish Pasty Co. They still go there often, whenever it’s been a rough week at work, or they just want some together time. They love to spend time with their families and friends, hang out at home with their cats, and explore new places. Their favorite place to go together is Disneyland, of course. They have also recently been to Hawaii and Chicago and are soon going to Philadelphia for the first time. They’re good travel buddies, and enjoy their little getaways. Their perfect day together would likely be traveling. Whether in Disneyland, or some new place they’ve never been, not having to worry about the stressors of work, and just enjoying their time together exploring, is where they are most happy 🙂
Their reception was in the Wisteria room at the Grand Californian Hotel. Everyone who walked into the room gasped, it was so beautiful! They had described their wedding as smaller and intimate. They both have small families, so it worked perfectly for them. They wanted it to be a romantic fairytale, yet fun and lighthearted, and that’s exactly how it was!
All the feels for how their wedding cake was a tribute to their favorite movie and proposal. <3
They hope marriage brings more adventures, more world travel, and more fun. They’re excited to grow their family, and combine what they already have. During the planning process, they learned that they have different ideas, but were able to come together and compromise easily, to get exactly what they both wanted.
 As a side note, I loved how everyone danced the night away!
During the reception, Megan asked me to take a stunning photo of her Bridal Party. 🙂
The next day, we had a beautiful early morning castle session that they had arranged through their Disney Coordinator, Hanna. It’s always  such an indescribable feeling to go into the park and take photos without any guests. Also, I was dying to get a chance to play with Megan’s beautiful veil:
And her dress train!
When our session ended and we were getting ready to leave, I asked Megan how she was feeling. She smiled and said it was too incredible for words, and she was trying to take it all in. I mentioned that one day she’ll be showing her kids these beautiful photos of her at Disneyland in her wedding gown, and we both teared up.
What a beautiful couple of days it had been. Thank you so much for having me, Megan and Jordan. I’ll never forget the time we spent together and all of the special moments from your wedding day and castle session. Best to you in the years to come.  Adventure is out there! ~Jenna
Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Jenna of White Rabbit Photo Boutique
Dress: Mia Solano from Luv Bridal Phoenix
Hair and Makeup: Fairytale Hair and Makeup

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