4 thoughts on “Cassandra and Cesar’s Paradise Pier Engagement Photos

  1. I’m glad you gave some love to the Boardwalk area. It’s such a fun and vibrant area that I’m surprised that it doesn’t get into more photo sessions. I also like how you had some shots at the Main Street Cinema. That’s another favorite of mine that you rarely see in images. These photos came out beautiful! Can’t wait to see how their wedding turned out. 🙂

    1. Yes, I love-love-love the boardwalk area! Such a fun spot, especially right before the sun sets! And the Main Street Cinema too, it’s one of my favorite spots to duck into when the crowds get heavy. 🙂

      I actually didn’t photograph their ceremony, it was the same day as Kelcie and Larry’s wedding! Michelle Lacson’s Associate Photographers did, here’s the link to the feature on the Disney Blog!

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