Cynthia and Andy: Disneyland Engagement Photos

When I asked Cynthia and Andy to describe their relationship in one word, they said, “comfortable”- and it’s such a wonderful way to describe them. They were so in sync with each other, and it was wonderful spending the day with them and getting a chance to know them so well. They share that kind of comfortable love where it’s just calming to be around them, and you can’t imagine either of them before the other person came. They go together so well. 🙂 Their passion for community service brought them together at UC Davis, where they were both members of a community service organization. One weekend, Andy drove a car full of members to a campground retreat. Cynthia was one of the passengers, and they immediately connected. They knew they were meant to be together, when during our second evening of the trip, they sat together in front of the campfire and talked through the sunset.

Together, they like to travel away from big cities and try new foods. Some of their hobbies include collecting Disneyana and other nerdy memorabilia, playing claw machines, and – of course – going to Disneyland. Being introverts, they also enjoy staying at home and sharing a nice meal. Cynthia loves that Andy enables her to become a better person. She loves that he is very patient and kind and that she can count on him for anything. She loves his endless curiosity, which has encouraged her to grow and explore the world around them.
Andy loves how Cynthia keeps him grounded; and how she is playful and smart. He wrote to me that he hates questions like these, because there is so much about Cynthia that he loves. In his words, “I just get this vibe, and it feels right. She’s right for me.” 🙂

Congratulations again, Andy and Cynthia! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our session, it was such a lovely day. Cheers to many more wonderful days together!

disneyland engagement photos_0461.jpg
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